Here at McCoubreys Electrical, we provide an extensive range f services, beyond just selling electrical appliances.

Servicing & Repairs

We have dedicated service vans on the road to call at customers houses to diagnose problems, and if necessary take the machine back to our workshops. We repair products both inside and out of warranty, however some manufacturers insist on repairing their own product while inside warranty if they do happen to break down.

We service and repair:

1.        Washing Machines

2.        Tumble Dryers

3.        Washer Dryers

4.        Televisions

5.        Vacuum Cleaners

6.        Microwaves

If you want us to repair you product as listed above, there is a deposit that has to be paid for our engineers to assess the product. If you get the product assessed and it is uneconomical to repair, you will get the value of the deposit paid back if you decide to make a replacement purchase with us. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, the deposit will come off the total price of the repair. Unfortunately with the vast range of problems and products we have no set price list for repairs.

Appliance Disposal

We can also dispose of your old appliance while we are delivering your new appliance. If you pay for an installation of your new appliance, we will disconnect and remove the old appliance from your home, however, if you simply pay for a delivery and want us to dispose of your old appliance, you must have it sitting ready to be transported.


Aerial & Satellite Installation

We do not provide this service 'In-House', however we have an engineer we work very closely with and always recommend. Get in contact for more information.